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· assistance and/or representation of criminals, charged and accused persons during the prosecution but also during the trial, on all levels, recovery of civil rights;
· drawing up criminal complaints, bringing civil actions against parties during trials;
· assistance and/or representation of civil parties, victims, of natural and legal persons that are held responsible from a civil point of view during a criminal trial, on all levels.

· establishing temporary registered offices for companies at their professional head office;
· modifying companies constitutive deeds;
· elaborating decisions of the companies statutory bodies;
· social capital increase and reduction;
· legal aid in general assemblies of companies associates/ shareholders;
· legal aid in negotiating and concluding commercial contracts;
· elaborating commercial contracts;
· company fusion, division and liquidation;
· elaborating internal and international commercial contracts;
· notifications in the field of competition;
· juridical counseling in companies privatization and during the post privatization period;
· representation and legal aid in the state assets revaluation procedure;
· juridical aid and representation in legal reorganization and insolvency procedures;
· elaborating judicial reorganization plans;
· legal aid during juridical reorganization;
· elaborating the documents necessary for legal development and liquidation.

· legal counselling in the field of taxes and duties;
· legal aid and representation in front of fiscal and customs authorities and in the court;
· fiscal representation services.

· elaborating collective labour agreements;
· legal aid when negotiating collective labour agreements;
· legal aid and working out in collective discharges procedure;
· legal representation in litigation concerning clashes of interests and of rights.

· elaborating and negotiating contracts in the real estate field;
· Contracts elaborating and legal aid in the field of intellectual property rights;
· Elaborating and negotiating public-individual contracts;
· Representation in the court in order to recover nationalized real estate;
· Legal aid for enforcement of sentences.

· legal representation in national and international adoptions procedure;
· legal counseling, aid and representation in family law causes with foreign origin elements.

· direct reconciliation between companies previous to the suits in the court or in the arbitration court;
· Legal aid and representation of the clients in courts in our country, including in the High Court of Appeal and Justice, the commercial arbitration courts, including the Commercial Arbitration Court affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania;
· Legal and arbitral decisions vesting with executory clause and carrying out;
· Legal counseling in the purpose for authorization to enforce a foreign judgment in Romania.







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